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    Alcam #70 (Aluminum)

    Aluminum. Finally, an aluminum electrode that will give good results. This is an excellent running electrode that can even be torched for thinner material. The Alcam #70 is less subject to moisture and is best when stored in a warm/dry environment.

    • Tensile Strength – 34,000 PSI
    • Elongation - 25% Elongation
    • Hardness – 40-50 Brinnel
    • Good Color Match


    The #70 is exceptional for repair of machining errors, build up of missing sections of castings, extrusions, plates, etc. Applications include, truck, bus, and automotive parts repair, and also, tank, pipe, ladder, shelves, refrigeration equipment, foundry patterns and many other aluminum structures. For best results, pre-heat to 250° and clean base metal with aluminum or stainless abrasives.

    ELECTRODE: 3/32” 1/8” 5/32”
    TIG & MIG: All popular sizes

    Alcam # 72 (Aluminum-Zinc- Copper)


    Low temperature joining of many metals, Pot-metal and Zinc included. Zinc cadmium alloy has excellent wetting and flow characteristics on almost all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

    • Tensile Strength – 35,000 PSI
    • 500 Degree melt temp.

    Its strength remains relatively high even at temperatures up to 350ºF (175ºC). Better corrosion resistance and higher strength than ordinary soft solders but the bonding temperature is much lower than the silver brazing alloys. Therefore, it is the ideal intermediate alloy for joining.

    The #72 is best product for application such as, Aluminum tube, copper tube, refrigeration and air conditioning units, aluminum radiators, sheet metal work, manufacture and repair of instruments, zinc base die casting, and joining of dissimilar metals. Alcam # 72 can also be used on anodized aluminum. Product comes with a honey flux, directions included.


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