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Alcam #10
(Nickel/Silver) Multi Brass

High Strength, Multi-temperature. The #10 rod is the highest quality brazing material for both thin flow and build-up requirements on most ferrous and nonferrous metals. Premium alloy for general maintenance repair with the torch. This is a multi-temperature alloy.

· Tensile Strength – 113,000 PSI
· Hardness – 140-200 HB
· Working Temperature - 1400º - 1750 º F
· Re-melt Temperature - 1800º F

Low temperature: At 1400-1500º F, the deposit has controlled fluidity which makes it excellent for surfacing and buildup parts subjected to friction wear. The Alcam #10 is excellent for building-up high tolerance applications, such as broken and worn gear teeth, shafts, etc. where a tight fit is necessary.

High temperature: Increasing the temperature to 1650-1750º F, will alloy the #10 to become thin and produce high strength joints with only .001 - .003” clearance. This brazing rod will transform to a very high tensile thin flow material capable of flowing into the tightest joints, i.e. steel lines and carbine tipping. The flux residue can be removed simply by a wire brush.


1/16” 3/32” 1/8”

Alcam #11
(Low Temp Brass)

Low Fumes. The premium low fuming bronze brazing rod.

· Tensile Strength 65,000 PSI
· Hardness – 80-110 HB
· Elongation – 35%
· Working Temperature - 1600ºF

Alcam # 11 is ideal for maintenance repair or fabrication of most ferrous and nonferrous metals. Used for joining parts of metal furniture, galvanized duct work, bicycles, automobiles, etc. This product gives excellent results on the repair of cast iron.

3/32” 1/8”

Alcam # 15
(Arc Brass to Steel to Cast)
DC-R Tig & Mig

Brass to Steel and Cast. The Alcam # 15 is a phosphorous bronze arc electrode ideal for build-up on bronzes and ferrous metals providing exceptional wear and corrosion resistance. Due to an improved bond with the base metal and an extremely dense deposit, the Alcam #15 is excellent on very porous cast irons.

· Tensile Strength – 60,000 PSI
· Yield Strength – 35,000 PSI
· Hardness - 120 Brinnel
· Elongation - 30%

The Alcam #15 is specifically manufactured for high strength joining and cladding of bronzes, brass, steel, and cast steel. The high nickel content of this electrode produces a hard wear resistant deposit. Alcam #15 has excellent corrosion resistance to sea water and many other chemicals. Applications include, repairing and surfacing of valve bodies, turbines, impellers, pumps, hearings, gear wheels and defects in new castings.

ELECTRODE: 3/32” 1/8” 5/32”
TIG & MIG: All popular sizes

Alcam # 16
(Arc Brass for Wear)
DC-R Tig & Mig

Universal. The Alcam #16 is a bronze electrode custom designed for high strength and even wear resistance on a variety of metals. The #16 produces a harder deposit that is still machinable. This electrode is capable of withstanding the harshest environments where acid conditions and substantial wear are common occurrences.

· Tensile Strength – 100,000 PSI
· Yield Strength – 63,000 PSI
· Hardness - 200 Brinnel
· Elongation – 20%
· Excellent Corrosion Resistant

Structural joining, repair, and surfacing of high manganese steel, nickel and iron containing aluminum bronzes, tin bronze (phosphor bronze), brass, copper, and steel. Also, the #16 is great cast iron surfacing when used in conjunction with the Alcam #60 as first layer.

Commonly used on ship propellers, thrust bearings, turbines, valves, stirrer blades, suction rollers, and parts of hydraulic equipment. It is also used for fabricating fittings, and repairing instruments and pumps in chemical and paper industries. This electrode is often used to join dissimilar metals.

ELECTODE: 1/8” 5/32”
TIG & MIG: All popular sizes available

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