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    Alcam #30 (Clean Weld Steel)
    AC, DC-S or DC-R

    Mild steel, thick or thin. Quick arc with no undercut allows for easy mach inability. This rod is the novice welder’s friend, making welding easier. The #30 is excellent in wet and oily conditions giving an excellent appearance, while still maintaining high strength. The #30 is capable of stopping water leaks with out shutting down the pipeline.

    • Tensile Strength- 81,000 PSI
    • Yield Strength - 67,000 PSI
    • Elongation - 24%
    • Bendable

    The #30 is the best universal product for mild steel and medium carbon steels when appearance and mach inability is required. Use for fabrication of thin, medium, heavy and dissimilar gauge mild steel. An excellent all-position product for machine parts, pipes, plates, sheets and angle iron. Use this electrode for filling holes and building up worn and over-machined surfaces. Due to excellent restart characteristics, the #30 is perfect for applications requiring short, intermittent or spot welds.

    It is recommended that the weld area be cleaned as practical as possible, but oil and grease will have no adverse effect on the density of the deposit.

    When used for repair, the Alcam#1 should be utilized to remove old and cracked weld deposits.

    ELECTRODE: 1/16”, 5/64", 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32”, & 3/16”

    Alcam #31 (Dirty Weld Steel)
    AC, DC-S or DC-R


    Dirty Mild steel. Rust, paint, grease and scale are no problem with this heavy penetrating arc. The #31 will leave minor spatter, but is not subject to blowing through the base metal. If you are unable to prep the surface, the #31 is the perfect product for the job.

    • Tensile Strength – 85,000 PSI
    • Yield Strength - 69,000 PSI
    • Elongation - 25%
    • Pass over Pass

    Excellent for maintenance applications where poor fit-up is encountered. Good arc stability at low amperage also makes it excellent for applications involving light gauge steel. Welds are easily made on steel beams and girders that have many coats of paint without developing porosity or defective welds. Alcam #31 is excellent for making repairs on machines and equipment that are covered with grease and sand and cannot be cleaned before welding.It is designed for machine, pipe line welding, tank fabrication, and general construction equipment repair.

    ELECTRODE: 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32”, & 3/16”

    Alcam # 32 (Lo-Hy T-1 Steel)
    AC or DC-R Tig

    Low and medium carbon steel. The coating will withstand high heat allowing for high amperage on heavy metal. This low hydrogen rod works well on lead based and dirty steels where 7018 will fail.

    • Tensile Strength – 112,000 PSI
    • Yield Strength - 104,000 PSI
    • Elongation - 23%

    The #32 is an excellent all-over product. The product is designed for low alloy, high strength steel, such asT-1, Hy-90, Hy-100, Jalley and SSS 100 steels. The #32 is best used to fabricate tanks, containers, high strength pipe, and low alloy steels containing manganese, nickel, molybdenum, and chromium, i.e. Angle iron, I-beams, and superstructures.

    When using Alcam #32 pre-heat is not necessary, but pre-heat 400º-600º is recommended when repairing higher carbon steels. For difficult steel, stress relieving is beneficial, preferably by maintaining 1000ºF heat for a short period of time.

    ELECTRODE: 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32”, & 3/16”

    Alcam #33 (Hi ductile/AR Plate)
    AC or DC-R Tig & Mig


    Difficult high carbon steel.With its high elongation this product will handle low to high carbon steels, and is capable of joining to most cast irons. Alcam # 33 is the product of choice for high vibration and constant heat cycle applications. The #33 is the choice product for welding cast steel.

    • Tensile Strength – 100,000 PSI
    • Yield Strength - 85,000 PSI
    • Elongation - 30%
    • X-Ray Quality

    The #33 rod is ideal for welding HSLA steels and AR plates to themselves, or in dissimilar combinations where good ductility is desired even at low temperatures. The #33 is the best product for high vibration carbon or HSLA steel applications where high tensile strength and ductility are a necessity.

    ELECTRODE: 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32” & 3/16”
    TIG & MIG: All standard sizes available

    Alcam #34 (High Strength Mild Steel)
    AC, DC-S or DC-R

    Mild steel, thick or thin. Alcam #34 has all of the characteristics of the Alcam #30 with higher strength due to the addition of chromium.

    • Tensile Strength – 97,000 PSI
    • Yield Strength - 78,500 PSI
    • Elongation – 17%
    • Non Sticking

    An ultra high tensile strength common steel electrode specially designed for extra strong joints in severe applications. Alcam #34 is for all types of mild steel fabrication, and is ideal for light gauge work, such as sheet metal. The #34 works best in farm, industrial and construction applications where general production, light fabrication and repair work is performed on a regular basis. The #34 is flame cuttable and the best electrode available for vertical and overhead welding. Excellent performance on small AC machines.

    ELECTRODE: 3/32”, 5/64", 1/8”, & 5/32”

    Alcam 7018 (Certified AWS)

    All purpose, all position, low-hy. Alcam 7018 is a user friendly 7018. Bendable, moisture resistant, easy arc, and capable to go through water, oil and rust.

    • Tensile Strength – 70,000 PSI
    • Yield Strength – 62,000 PSI
    • Elongation – 26%

    The Alcam 7018 is an outstanding all-position low hydrogen electrode that produces dense, X-ray quality weld deposits. The smooth, stable arc and easily controllable weld pool make this electrode ideal for out-of-position work. The low-hydrogen characteristic of this electrode reduces the danger of under bead cracking on medium carbon and low-alloy steels, as well as thick sections. Slag is easily removable.

    ELECTRODE: 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32” & 3/16”

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