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WELDING CAST IRON: Alcam, Inc. - Premium Quality Maintenance & Repair Welding Electrodes


    Alcam # 60 (Non conductive Coating Max Machine Cast Iron)
    AC DC-S DC-R Tig & Mig

    Soft. The super softness of this product makes this a machinist’s delight. Smooth flowing with excellent strength and the combined ability of joining dissimilar metals. The #60 rod will not side-arc allowing for easier welding in confined space.

    • Tensile Strength – 50,000 PSI
    • Elongation – 30%
    • Hardness – 160 HB
    • Low amperage
    • Maximum Machinability

    Ideal for low temperature welding of cast iron in all positions. Repairs breaks and cracks in engine blocks, gear housings, and machine bases. Alcam #60 is ideal for filling holes and building up worn or missing sections, followed by machining to final dimensions. The #60 is also capable of joining cast iron to steel.

    ELECTRODE: 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32” & 3/16”
    TIG & MIG: All standard sizes available

    Alcam # 61 (High Strength Cast, Cast to Cast & Cast to Steel)
    AC DC-R DC-S Tig & Mig

    Strong. This high strength electrode is designed for cast steel subject to abusive situations such as motor mounts, pump casings and machine bases. This product is excellent for cast iron to steel and even stainless steel to cast iron.

    • Tensile Strength – 80,000 PSI,
    • Elongation – 20%
    • Hardness - 200 Birnnel
    • Machinable

    Alcam# 61 is used for repair and fabrication of all gray and alloyed cast irons. This electrode is recommended for welding machine bases, gear housings, cylinder heads, cams, levers, filling holes, repairing teeth of cast gears, and building up for replacing missing sections. The #61 is ideal for similar joining of ductile iron, “Ni-Resistant” and “Meehanite,” or dissimilar joining to steel. Also, the #61 is suitable for joining nickel alloys to gray cast iron, cast steel and malleable cast iron

    ELECTRODE: 3/32”, 1/8” & 5/32”
    TIG & MIG: All standard sizes available

    Alcam # 62 (Dirty Cast Iron)

    AC, DC-S or DC-R

    Dirty. When working with dirty or oil soaked casting, Alcam #62 dives deeper into the casting to burn out the impurities, leaving a high strength deposit with a superior appearance..

    • Tensile Strength – 75,000 PSI,
    • Elongation - 24%
    • Hardness - 210 Brinnel
    • Machinable

    Excellent for use on sewer pipe, machine base, gear housing, transmission housings, sprockets, repair or buildup of gears and any repair of cast iron to steel.

    ELECTRODE; 3/32”, 1/8” & 5/32”

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