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Exothermic Torch (Cutting, Piercing)

Mini cutting Torch system

  • Gouge, pierce and cut any type of material including T1 & T2, steel and concrete
  • Superior torch control
  • 25% more work than competitive makes
  • 25% longer-lasting rods
  • Less oxygen use than similar torches
  • Pug Tube or battery ignition
  • No trace matals or carbon build-up
  • Interchangeable with other cutting system

The Caldo Mini Cutting Torch System
The Caldo Mini Torch is a patented design. The torch operates on oxygen alone. The inner components burn a little faster than the out component, creating a shroud effect, yielding a much hotter, directed burn.
The Caldo Mini Torch's unique technology enables it to cut, burn, melt or vaporize virtually all metallic, non metallic and composite materials, for almost half the price of the other exothermic cutting systems.
Relatively low temperatures are experienced in the parent metal when using the Caldo Mini Torch. With the Caldo Mini Torch you do not experience warpage, loss of tensile strength or metal fatigue. And, because the torch operates without electrical continuity, repairs can be made without raising burrs on main frames and final drives.
It's faster and less expensive than carbon arc, which requires 400 amps and compressed air and it will even handle cast iron, stainless steel, high alumina refractory, slang and concrete.

Caldo Mini Torch Exothermic Rod
Five different rod sizes available with the Caldo Mini Cutting Torch:

3/16" x 21 - 3/4" used for:
- Piercing of smaller bolts 1/4" to 3/4" diameter
- Piercing of small rivets
- Piercing transmission bolts

1/4" x 21 - 3/4" used for:
- The finishing pierce on track pins
- Piercing small rusted bolts
- Removing frozen bushings
- Rough cuttings

3/8" x 18" used for:
- Starting the pierce of a track pin
- All gouging

3/8" x 36" used for:
- Starting the pierce of track pins longer than 7"
- All heavy gouging and piecing
- Heavy rough cutting

3/8 x 48" used for:
- Hard to reach areas
- Eliminates frequent changing of rods
- Rods can be bent to reach hard to get at areas, eliminating the need to lie or stand
directly under work piece

Pug Tube Ignitor

With our Pug Tube Ignitor you even eliminate the need of a 12-volt battery. All you need is oxygen and a match.

• Simply light the Pug Tube with a match
• Pug tube will then smoulder (reuseable)
Insert rod, supply oxygen and you have ignition!

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