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Alcam # 92
(Hi Deposit Impact)

Excellent for Impact and Medium Abrasion. This electrode does it all. The high strength of #92 allows for joining of harder metals such as manganese. Build-up large areas with no interior cracking.
The Problem Solver

· Tensile Strength -105,000 PSI
· Yield Strength – 62,000 PSI
· Elongation - 45%
· Hardness - 10RC as welded, 45RC work harden.
· All position.

The Alcam #92 is ideal for the wood, cement, aggregate, and earthmoving industries where erosion and abrasion are an everyday occurrence. It is a great product for repairing rolls, hammers, and mantles, and lining loader buckets. Also, the #92 is exceptional when used to buildup and repair frogs and railroad tracks in rail industry. It is excellent for joining high alloy to low alloy steel or to non-alloy steel, surfacing manganese and low alloy steel, and welding steels with high carbon, sulfurs, or phosphorus content. Alcam #92 makes a good underlayment for more abrasion resistant materials such as Alcam #93.

Size: 1/8” 5/32” 3/16”
MIG: all popular sizes available

Alcam #93
(Hi Deposit Abrasion)

Hard hard-surfacing. When faced with difficult hard surfacing jobs, this product will give an excellent hard finish without a rough deposit. The deposits will flow together for a fine particle abrasion. Mining and construction equipment, such as augers, screws, teeth, scrapers, etc. are items that will benefit from the longer life.
· Hardness - 55-62 RC
· No undercut
· Welds join
· All- position

The #93 is the ideal product for parts and machinery subjected to severe abrasion and light impact, such as equipment related to soil, rock, coal, cement, grinding plates, dredger teeth, conveyor screws, coal augers, agitators, earth augers, scrapers, etc. In addition, the #93 is great for surfaces that must resist abrasion combined with scaling, such as open-hearth tools, grates, conveying chains in annealing furnaces, and manipulators.

ELECTRODE: 1/8” 5/32” 3/16”
MIG: All popular sizes available

Alcam # 94
(Severe Abrasion, Elevated Temperatures)

High Heat. A superior electrode for high abrasion and elevated temperature applications. The mixture of Niobium, Chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, and columbium produces a degree of toughness that is unique in an alloy of this hardness, and sets the #94 above the rest.

· Hardness – 64-68RC
· Maintains Hardness to 1600°F (871°C) Degrees
· Wear Coefficient – 5%
· Grindable
· Flat and Horizontal Position
· Low Heat Input
· High Efficiency

Deposits are highly carbide enriched, and the flux joins the core wire for a 240% deposition. A single rod will give a very large deposition.

Alcam #94 is used for protecting all iron based parts subject to severe fine particle abrasion, such as slag, cement, coal, ore, gravel, sand, etc. This electrode produces abrasion and wear resistant welds for hard-facing machine components subjected to extreme abrasion, and still capable of withstanding high heat common to crushers, grates, hot coke conveyors, and slag, cement and sinter-handling equipment. Weld metal can be machined only by grinding.

ELECTRODE: 1/8” 5/32” 3/16”
MIG: All popular sizes available

Alcam # 95
(Super Abrasion)

Hardness protection with out a welding machine. Easily applied as a gas brazing type alloy. The dense deposit gives a very low coefficient of friction, therefore providing a great resistance to corrosion. Torching of a hard material can be advantageous due to the uniform heat build up and cool down. The plasticity of the #95 allows for deposit to be shaped and molded to a smooth finish, therefore reducing finishing costs.

· Hardness - 62RC
· Easy Flow
· Smooth Carbide & Tungsten Finish

Alcam #95 is excellent for metal to metal wear applications. Used where harness is needed at higher temperature such as valve faces, core drills, scrapers, and wire straightening shoes, for cams, bushings, and augers. This product is extensively used on cane knives and chemical pump sleeves. Cast iron pump casings can withstand this product without cracking, as well as mower blades and cam followers.

Due to the versatile alloy, the #95 is capable of being used as an arc electrode on DC reverse polarity and as a Tig on DC straight polarity.

ELECTRODE: 1/8” 3/16”

Alcam# 100
(Tubular Build up Impact)

Low Amp. The tubular rod design of the #100 allows for substantially less amperage because the heat is carried in the exterior casing. Superior impact resistance and dense crack free welds give the #100 the edge. The special alloy composition and 14% manganese is ideal for build-up of all cast iron and steels, including austenitic manganese.

· Deposit Hardness: 25-30 RC (253-268 BN)
· Work Hardness: 44-50 RC (409-481 BN)
· Deposit Efficiency: 96% max
· Deposit Rate: 12 lbs/hr max Hardness - 48RC
· Multi-pass
· severe impact resistant

Dredge bucket bottoms, grizzly bars, crusher jaws, cones and mantles, mill hammers, tumbler rollers, direction chutes, frog rails, rail switch points.

Extremely tough manganese nickel build-up and hard surfacing alloy. The #100 is ideal as an underlayment prior to harder material build-up such as the Alcam # 101, 102 or 103.


ELECTRODE: 1/4” 1/12”

Alcam # 101
(Tubular Impact & Abrasion)

Ultimate Hard Facing System. The Alcam # 101 is designed for a combination of impact and abrasion. The chemical composition and high chromium carbide provides excellent abrasion and impact protection of steels, including austenitic manganese. Low amperage requirements result in low dilution and higher hardness. The efficiency is increased due to the rod sheathing providing additional deposit.

· Hardness: 55-60RC
· Deposit efficiency - 98% Deposition
· All position
· No surface cracking
· Lowest labor costs per pound

Use for severe abrasion and medium impact. This alloy has good hot hardness up to 1000º F. Designed especially for applications such as crusher rolls, crusher hammers, jaw crushers, crusher mantles, ripper tynes, muller tyresand impact breaker rotors, mill hammers, bucket teeth and edges, liners, and centrifugal pump casings.

ELECTRODE: 1/4" 3/8” 1/2”

Alcam # 102
(Tubular Severe Abrasion)

Metal to Ground Abrasion solution. The severe metal to ground applications, such as earth moving and mining are the domain of the #102 electrode. The tubular design and the Chromium Moly Carbide chemistry is specifically manufactured to hard surface all steels (including austenitic Manganese) and iron that are subjected to severe abrasion. Commonly used in rock crushing, foundries, paper mills and ditching knives.
60RC, 98% Deposition

· Hardness: 57-60 RC (595-654 BN)
· Deposit Efficiency
· Deposit Rate - 12 lbs/hr max
· All-position
· Waterproof flux coating
· No moisture pick-up
· Indefinite storage life

The #102 is ideal for parts subjected to severe abrasion such as brick extrusion augers, muller plows, pan scraper blades, bulldozer end bits, conveyor chains in annealing furnaces and other equipment used in rock, coal, cement and ceramic industry where small particle abrasion is a problem.

ELECTRODE: 1/4" 3/8” 1/2"

Alcam # 103
(Tubular Ultimate Abrasion Impact & Heat Resistant)

Nothing Stronger. An ultimate electrode for the harshest abrasion and heat environments. The complex carbides of chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, and the addition of Vanadium and Columbium make this product extremely resistant to fine granular abrasion at temperatures up to 1500°F (815°C). The #103 produces a smooth deposit, therefore minimizing finishing costs

· Hardness: 62-64 RC (688-722 BN)
· Deposit Efficiency - 98%
· Smooth finish
· Requires low amperage
· Low heat input

Alcam #103 is used for conveyors for hot coke, slag, and cement, kiln grates, crushers, and other equipment subjected to abrasion and erosion at elevated temperatures. This product is very good for extreme abrasion with impact such as crusher cones and mantles in taconite crushing operations. Excellent for feed chutes handling hot abrasive materials.

ELECTRODE: 1/4" 1/2"

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