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WELDING SILVER & COPPER: Alcam, Inc. - Premium Quality Maintenance & Repair Welding Electrodes


    Alcam #18 (High Purity Copper)
    DC-R Tig & Mig

    Pure. Smooth running high purity copper electrode for fabrication of and overlay of conventional grade of copper, copper alloys, and copper clad iron based metals.

    • Tensile Strength – 31,000 PSI
    • Elongation – 35%
    • Hardness – 50-60 HB
    • Corrosion Resistance – Excellent
    • Electrical Conductivity – Very Good
    • 98% Pure

    Use to fabricate, build up and surface electrolytic and de-oxidized copper parts. The Alcam #18 has a high thermal and electrical conductivity and is corrosion resistant. This product is exceptional for bus-bar fabrication and repair. This electrode can also be used to copper clad steel and cast iron.

    ELECTRODE: 1/8”
    TIG & MIG: All standard sizes available

    Alcam #20 (Silver Cadmium Free)

    Silver. Silver Brazing Alloy for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals. Ideal for food, dairy, air conditioning, and laundry applications where exposure to poisonous cadmium can not be tolerated. Repair of any high strength and high silver application.

    • Tensile Strength - 76,000PSI
    • Elongation – 22%
    • Corrosion Resistance - Good
    • Electrical Conductivity – Good
    • Stainless Color Match
    • Working Temperature - 1220ºF
    • 56% Pure

    Used in the food and dairy industry for joining stainless steels. The # 20 is an ideal product for general maintenance & repair of air conditioning equipment, laboratory apparatus assemblies, control devices, instruments, tubing/coil, trim work, switches, etc.

    Joint must be clean. For a maximum strength, joint clearances should not exceed .003 inches. Maintain the alignment by the use of fixtures and jigs. Heat parts broadly with a slightly carburizing flame. Place thermic flux on the heated joint. When the flux becomes clear and fluid, melt a small amount of alloy onto the joint, and continue heating until alloy flows into the joint. BASE METAL MUST BE OVER HEATED. After part has cooled slowly, remove flux residue with warm water.

    SIZE: 1/16” & 3/32” - Flux Coated & Bare

    Alcam #21 (Cadmium Free Low temp solder)

    Silver solder. A high strength silver solder, free of cadmium, lead, zinc and other impurities. Ideal for the food and dairy industry. Deposits stay shiny and bright; matching stainless steel. Solder joints can be readily plated and have good corrosion resistance.

    • Tensile Strength - 15,000PSI
    • Corrosion Resistance - Good
    • Electrical Conductivity – Good
    • Stainless Color Match
    • Melting Temperature - 400ºF

    Alcam #21 is ideal for joining ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as stainless steel, carbon steels, nickel alloy, nickel, copper bronze and brass. Produces a higher strength bond than conventional solders. The #21 is perfect for the general maintenance repair of dairy equipment, oxygen lines, sanitary apparatus, instruments, electrical connections, etc. Alcam#21 will work on stainless steel, nickel alloys, copper, brass and bronze.

    Clean the area thoroughly. Allow the flux to flow freely, but do not allow burning. Keep the flame away from the base metal and feed the solder to the surface rapidly. The deposit will follow the torch. DO NOT BURN FLUX.

    SIZE: 1/16” 3/32” 1/8” spool kit with 10 feet of flux cored solder, 8 oz. paste and syringe for easy application.

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