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WELDING TOOL STEELS: Alcam, Inc. - Premium Quality Maintenance & Repair Welding Electrodes


    Alcam # 80 (High speed, Oil Harden, Water Harden, Hot Working)

    High Speed/Hot-working. A multi-purpose electrode for working with tool steels of different analysis. Provides the best results for production requirements and inventory control.
    • Tensile strength – 85,000 PSI
    • Hardness - 58-62 RC
    • Heat treatable
    • Machinable
    • Smooth Deposit

    This electrode is specially designed for use on high speed tools. Tungsten, molybdenum and vanadium are alloyed with other elements to produce a deposit that will maintain a sharp edge on high speed tool steel at elevated temperatures. The deposits will retain its hardness and resistance to wear at high temperatures when applied to hot working tools. This product is used for hard facing and buildup of surfaces, mill cutters, lathe tools, cams, punches, stencils, trimming plates, circle cutting tools, dies, drawing mandrels, planning tools, turning tools, reamers, hot shears, mandrels, molding plates, etc.

    A cushion pass is recommended for large build-up applications.


    ELECTRODE: 3/32” 1/8”

    Alcam # 81 (Electrode for build-up & repair of All “Air Hardening Steels)

    Air-Hardening. A unique alloy formulation provides this electrode with outstanding characteristics for the repair of all “air” hardening steels. Deposits are highly crack resistant, and can be forged and tempered.

    • Hardness (as welded) - 55-60 RC

    Ideal for repair and build-up of shearing blades, planer plates, anvils, woodworking tools, percussion drills, earth borers, pressure rollers, clamping tools, worm conveyors, mixer arms, rollers, shovel and dredger teeth, crusher jaws and rings. Also, the #81 is excellent for steel, cast steel and manganese steel machine parts subject to grinding wear and strong impact.

    ELECTRODES: 3/32” 1/8”
    TIG: 1/16” 3/32” & 1/8”

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